In a comprehensive study by OCO Global, published this week, the economic and social dynamics of eleven UK cities outside of London were dissected and discussed, offering a comprehensive review into what fuels urban success. The “Local Heroes” report, which analysed data across five key pillars – economy, prosperity, well-being, education, and property attractiveness – provides crucial insights into the multifaceted nature of city growth.

Overview of the Study and Findings

The OCO Global report evaluates cities on numerous metrics, including productivity, income levels, employment rates, health standards, and educational outcomes. The cities were grouped based on their overall performance into four categories: Top Tier, Booming Cities, Solid Performers, and Moderate Performers.

  1. Edinburgh: A Standout Performer

Edinburgh emerges as the pinnacle of urban success, leading the Top Tier category. The city excels across all pillars, particularly in economic performance, citizen well-being, and prosperity. With a robust gross household disposable income and high health ratings among its residents, Edinburgh represents a model of balanced urban growth, making it an attractive location for both living and investing.

  1. Booming Cities: Belfast, Bristol, and Manchester

Close behind Edinburgh, Belfast, Bristol, and Manchester showcase strong performances in many areas but still have room for improvement. Belfast has seen remarkable economic growth, highlighted by its GDP per capita increase. Bristol excels in education and prosperity, making it a hub for high-skill industries. Manchester stands out for its improvements in well-being and has become a beacon for international investment and residential appeal.

  1. Solid Performers: Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle

These cities show reliable growth, particularly in sectors where they focus their strengths. Cardiff and Leeds have made significant strides in enhancing the quality of life for their residents through improved employment rates and wage growth. Liverpool and Newcastle, while facing some challenges, have leveraged their cultural and historical heritage to boost tourism and local business.

  1. Moderate Performers: Birmingham, Nottingham, and Sheffield

While facing more significant challenges, these cities also display unique opportunities. Birmingham and Sheffield, often noted for their educational institutions, offer potential through their young and diverse populations. Nottingham, with its growing university sector and relatively lower cost of living, could be particularly compelling for new businesses and investors.

Strategic Insights for Moving and Storage Needs

The findings from the OCO Global report highlights the diverse needs and opportunities within these cities. At Doree Bonner International, we recognise the unique demands of moving and storage in each urban area. Whether it’s supporting residential relocations in Edinburgh’s buoyant property market or facilitating commercial moves in Manchester’s expanding business landscape, our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each city.

The “Local Heroes” report by OCO Global not only highlights the successes and challenges faced by UK cities but also emphasises the need for nuanced, locally tailored approaches to urban development. As these cities continue to grow and evolve, Doree Bonner International remains committed to providing top-tier moving and storage solutions that support the dynamic changes in these urban environments.

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Download the full OCO Global report for further details and in-depth analysis