If you need additional storage space, you are moving home or office, or planning to spend a long period abroad, you will find long-term storage solutions beneficial. We are seeing a significant increase people in the UK starting to use these solutions to store extra items instead of moving to larger homes. Storage spaces are equally beneficial for businesses. If your company needs to store items as you wait for new office space or instead of renting larger premises, you can simply use these storage locations. Off-site long term storage offers a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping your items secure. But what types of long-term storage solutions are available? And which one is best for you?

Types of Storage Solutions

Long Term Storage vs Short Term Storage

Short term storage is usually up to about 3 months and provides a stop-gap for individuals and businesses looking to store their items securely. This is often beneficial when families or individuals are imbetween moving houses, businesses are moving between locations, for storing excess belongings, or students are looking for holiday storage solutions. While this type of storage may not require as much preparation as long term storage, there are still some necessary steps to be taken to ensure that breakages don’t occur and your goods are kept in optimal condition. Dust covers work well to protect against dirt and moisture, but fragile goods require careful wrapping and packing.

Long term storage is usually classed as periods of more than 3 months. Businesses often use long term storage where there is excess office furniture, documents and equipment which they would like to keep safe and in good condition for when needed. Individuals and families who are emigrating abroad on fixed term contracts for business for example, may use long term storage to store their household goods and appliances securely, for when they return or while they make the decision as to where they would like to live more permanently. Those looking to buy a house locally or abroad, but are renting whilst property searching may choose long term storage to keep their goods secure.

Regardless of the reason, preparation for long term storage is essential, as is the careful choosing of your facility, to ensure convenience, cost efficiency, and that goods are safeguarded against temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Self storage vs full service storage facilities

One common solution is self-storage or self-service storage. With this option, you will often need to transport your items yourself and store them in the unit. This means you will simply be paying for the ability to rent the storage space. Not only can  self-storage often be more expensive across the duration required , it can also be inconvenient as you will usually need to personally haul your belongings to and from the storage unit facility.

Full service traditional storage facilities tend to be more convenient and flexible, in that they offer the option of packing and transporting your belongs, before storing them in optimal facilities which are managed securely.

What to Consider When Choosing a Long-Term Storage Solution

Some key qualities when choosing the right storage solutions for you are:

  1. Security
  2. Cost
  3. Pickup and Delivery Services
  4. Clean and pest free
  5. Insurance available for your belongings

You should also consider the level of security in the storage space. The facility should be monitored round-the-clock with CCTV cameras, and it should be fitted with alarm systems. The last thing you want is to have increased risk at a time when your valued possessions are away from your home.

Proximity of the facility to your home or office location can be important. Choosing a company which offers facilities nationwide can be hugely beneficial and reduce the time needed (and expense) to transport your goods.

Look out for a solution which only charges for the volume your items will take up, to avoid unnecessary storage charges. Also note that your chosen storage company should follow the British Association of Removers’ recommendations in ensuring professional excellence in the removals industry, to ensure that the company’s containers are optimally sized (7ft 2in X 5ft X 8ft), clean and dry, preferably using sealing clips for added security.

Convenience and flexibility is so important when considering the right storage solution for you. Choose a company which will collect your belongings and return them to you. An added benefit is where your goods for storage are loaded directly into your allocated specialist containers outside your home, without the need for unpacking and repacking at the storage facility, reducing the risk of damage.

A storage company that offers insurance cover options for your unit, or extra peace of mind is an added benefit.

A final point for consideration … check the customer reviews of the company. These will help you determine whether the company offers good customer service and give you additional peace of mind that the company is reputable and has been operating for many years, with a long track record of excellence in service.

Which is the Best Long Term Storage Solution for You?

Modern, clean, purpose built containerised storage centres which are located nationwide, so your belongings can be stored conveniently and within reasonable distance, is a key consideration when choosing the best long term storage solution for you.

24-hour surveillance and alarm systems, keeping your belongings safe, are also essential.

And make sure you only pay for what is needed. Self storage units charge for a full unit, no matter the quantity of goods you are storing. So choose a long term storage company which offers prices based on the volume you use, meaning you won’t pay unnecessary charges for any unused storage space in the unit or container.

Doree Bonner International offers a secure storage service for all types and size of household and office items, with prices based on actual volume to avoid unnecessary storage charges. We are committed to offering a customised service and can collect and deliver your items from any location in the UK.

Contact us 24/7 for advice and assistance with your storage needs.

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