Shipping furniture overseas can seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation, a reliable shipping service, and proper packaging techniques, it can be much simpler than anticipated. This article will guide you through the process of preparing your furniture for international shipping, choosing the best shipping service, and employing the correct packaging methods to ensure your furniture arrives safely at its destination.

How to Prepare Furniture for International Shipping?

Assessment and Inventory: Before you begin the packing process, it is essential to assess and inventory the furniture items you plan to ship. Doree Bonner International offers a professional assessment service to help you determine the best approach for your furniture’s specific needs.

Cleaning and Disassembly: Clean each piece of furniture thoroughly to prevent mould and pests during transit. Disassemble furniture wherever possible to reduce vulnerability and save space in shipping containers. Label each part and keep all screws and fittings in marked bags so you can easily reassemble items at your destination.

Protective Wrapping: Use protective wrapping to safeguard your furniture. Soft wrap with materials like bubble wrap or furniture pads can prevent scratches and dents. For delicate areas such as glass components, additional hard cardboard or wooden enclosures are recommended.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Overseas Shipping Services?

  1. Reputation and Experience: Choose a shipping service that has a robust reputation and extensive experience in international logistics. Doree Bonner International, for instance, has an excellent track record, having been a leader in the removal and storage industry for over a century, offering specialised services in international moves.
  2. Service Options: Consider the range of services offered. Does the company provide door-to-door service? Are there options for consolidated or container shipping? Doree Bonner International provides flexible shipping options tailored to your needs, whether it’s less container load for smaller shipments or full container load for entire home moves.
  3. Accreditations and Insurance: Ensure the shipping company holds the necessary accreditations and offers insurance options. Shipping internationally without insurance is risky; thus, reliable movers like Doree Bonner offer comprehensive insurance plans to protect your possessions against unforeseen events. Their practices have also been approved by and continue to be upheld to the high standards of industry authorities in the removals and storage sector and beyond, such as BAR – British Association of Removers and more.
  4. Specialised Storage Solutions: Look for a company that offers specialised storage solutions if your move requires storing items either before departure, upon arrival or for the longer term, for example if you are planning to move back to the UK. Doree Bonner International provides secure, clean, dry specialised storage facilities that can house your belongings safely for any duration, which can be particularly useful during lengthy customs clearances or delayed move-ins. What’s more, we only charge for the volume used, saving you from the unnecessary expense of unused space. Keeping all services under one company can streamline the process, reduce handling risks, and often be more cost-effective.
  5. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Research what previous customers have said about their experiences. Positive feedback and testimonials can provide additional reassurance about the reliability and quality of the service provided. Doree Bonner International has many positive customer reviews on Trustpilot.

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Are There Any Specific Packaging Techniques for Overseas Shipping?

Custom Crating

For highly valuable or fragile pieces, custom crating is the safest packaging method. Crates are built to fit the dimensions of your furniture, providing sturdy protection against physical and climatic damages during transit.

Barrier Bags

Use barrier bags (vapor barrier packaging) to protect sensitive items from humidity and moisture, which are common when shipping by sea. These bags are sealed to keep moisture out, ensuring that items like leather or wooden furniture arrive in pristine condition.


Smaller items may be shipped on pallets. Palletising involves securing goods on a wooden platform and wrapping them extensively with shrink wrap and straps to stabilise the load and prevent movement.

Loading and Stacking

Proper loading and stacking in the shipping container are crucial. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom with lighter, fragile items on top, ensuring that nothing shifts significantly during transit. Professional shippers like Doree Bonner International utilise their expertise to maximise space while minimising risk.

Shipping furniture overseas doesn’t need to be complicated. With careful preparation, the right shipping partner, and appropriate packing techniques, your furniture can travel across the world with minimal hassle. Doree Bonner International is ready to assist with every aspect of the move process, from initial planning and packing, to specialised storage if needed, international shipping and final delivery at your new overseas home. Our aim is to simplify the process, ensuring a professional move experience for you and a safe relocation of your possessions. For more information about how we can help with your international move, please contact us 24/7 or get a free online quote. Make your international move seamless and stress-free with Doree Bonner International.