At Doree Bonner International, we believe that our business responsibilities extend beyond providing exceptional relocation and storage services. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world, which is why we are proud to be part of the “Relocate the Profit” initiative. This global movement resonates deeply with our core values of integrity, community service, and connecting people, which have been a cornerstone of our operations for generations.

Collaborative Efforts for a Greater Good

“Relocate the Profit” is more than just a charity initiative; it is a collaborative effort among global companies in the relocation, shipping, and logistics industries. By joining hands with like-minded organisations, we are not only enhancing our industry’s impact on the world but also fostering a spirit of unity and teamwork. This collective effort is designed to leverage our everyday business activities to contribute to meaningful, sustainable change.

How We Contribute

For every transaction completed, Doree Bonner International contributes a portion of the proceeds to the “Relocate the Profit” fund. This year, our collective efforts support the Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT), a profoundly impactful charity working to enhance educational outcomes in Tanzania. LTT’s comprehensive approach addresses the crucial link between education and other vital needs such as nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene, and economic opportunities. By removing barriers to education, LTT ensures that each child can achieve their potential in a supportive environment.

Impact and Engagement

The contributions from the “Relocate the Profit” initiative go directly towards funding programmes that make a tangible difference in the lives of Tanzanian communities. These programmes are not just about academic education; they encompass a holistic approach to community development that includes:

  • Education: Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning materials in schools.
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene): Implementing facilities and programmes that promote health and prevent disease.
  • Livelihoods: Empowering adults with the skills and resources to improve their family’s economic stability, which in turn supports their children’s education.

Recently, LTT made a significant investment by purchasing 80 beds for a girls’ dormitory, allowing young girls to reside at school safely, without the need to walk long distances to and from school each day. This initiative not only secures their safety but also enhances their educational experience by giving them more time to focus on their studies. This is just one example of how the funds we help raise through “Relocate the Profit” are directly contributing to meaningful and transformative projects.

Paul Chesterman, National Account Manager at Doree Bonner International, comments on the initiative: “Supporting ‘Relocate the Profit’ reflects our commitment to extending the positive impact of our operations beyond everyday business. It’s an opportunity to contribute directly to educational advancements in communities that need it most, aligning with our dedication to adding value through our local and global moving services.”

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite our clients and partners to join this initiative. By choosing Doree Bonner International for your relocation and storage needs, you are not just ensuring a seamless service for yourself; you are also helping to fund important educational and developmental programmes in Tanzania.

To learn more about the “Relocate the Profit” initiative or to become a member, please visit the official Relocate the Profit website. Your support can help change lives and build a sustainable future for communities around the world. For more information about the LTT, please visit the Livingstone Tanzania Trust website.

Thank you for choosing Doree Bonner International for your packing, storage and relocation needs, and for your support in our collective journey towards meaningful change. Together, we have the power to drive significant positive impact and establish a benchmark for corporate responsibility in our sector.