As the Leighton Library in Dunblane breathes new life following its meticulous restoration, Doree Bonner International is proud to be at the heart of this historical moment. Our journey with the library began in November 2022 when we were entrusted with the careful packing and storage of its precious collection, including Bishop Robert Leighton’s private treasures and countless first editions, totaling around 4,500 books dating back to 1504.

Now, as the library’s refurbishment reaches completion, we’re thrilled to be bringing these literary jewels back to their rightful place. With the dedication of our team and the support of wonderful volunteers, we’re undertaking the delicate process of restocking the library’s shelves, ensuring each book is returned with the care and reverence it deserves.

The Leighton Library’s revival is more than just a restoration project; it’s a testament to the collaboration and shared commitment to preserving our heritage. A big thank you to Alan Clevett from the Library Executive and our own team, led by Steven McGregor, Group Manager of Doree Bonner International Scotland, for their exemplary teamwork and dedication.

As we continue to return these historic volumes, we’re reminded of the trust placed in us by the Leighton Library and the honour it has been to contribute to preserving such a significant piece of Scotland’s history.

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