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February 17th, 2012

Moving Overseas

Boxes for Removals

Moving to Australia can be an exciting time whether emigrating or for employment purposes. The down side is that it can also be a time of enormous stress and worry. If you’re planning a move abroad you will already appreciate how much there is to think about and organise. Fortunately, your removal is something we at Doree Bonner International can help with. We can take the stress and worry out of your move to Australia by following a few simple rules.

Firstly, choose your removal company carefully. The company should be members of the BAR (British Association of Removers – and should also hold the FAIM accreditation (FIDI Accredited International Mover – This will help you to guarantee the quality of the company coming to perform your removal.

Secondly, pick a company that is local to you and meets the above criteria. Not only will you receive the benefit of dealing with someone who understands the unique nature of moving in your area, but also you will not be charged additional costs for lots of unnecessary mileage. The costs of getting a truck from the company’s yard to your property is all built into the quote –take a look at our volume calculator for more details. Here you are able to calculate the space you require for shipment, calculate a price, pay for it and even book your removal date!

However, we understand this may not be for everyone – invite your chosen companies to your property. Once you’ve drawn up your short list, any removal company worth their salt will want to visit you at home. This is a really important part of the process as the removal cost is calculated based on the actual volume of goods you’d like to take with you. Don’t accept a telephone quote – it’s unlikely to be accurate and you could easily find yourself facing hefty additional charges.

During the home visit, do take the opportunity to fully discuss your requirements, making sure they – and you – know exactly what you’d like to take with you. Once the survey has taken place, the representative should sit with you and discuss all the options available, giving you their opinion on the best way to transport your belongings having taken both your time scale and budget into account. They should also be happy to provide a number of different quotes based on different options such as the best method of transporting your worldly goods – sole or shared use container? And best mode of transport – by air or sea?

Once surveyed, we will always quickly follow up the home survey with a detailed written quotation covering everything discussed with our representative. This will include a comprehensive list of the goods for shipment, how your goods will be shipped, the services included at destination and the name and full details of our overseas partners.

Once again, you should ensure that your removal company’s overseas partners are also FAIM accredited, as this will guarantee the services provided to you when you arrive. And remember; tempting though it is to go with the cheapest quote – and of course a competitive quote is important – don’t fall into the trap of making cost the only criteria. As with so much in life, you generally find that you get what you pay for!

Following these simple guidelines will ensure a smooth and successful move to your exciting new life overseas.

Of course at Doree Bonner we believe we offer the best possible service at the most competitive price possible and would be more than happy to demonstrate that to you. Our highly trained, courteous and professional staff are available to assist you so do please give us a call if you are considering that life-changing move to Australia.


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